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The First Tee


To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

The First Tee has come a long way since its establishment by the World Golf Foundation in 1997.  What started as an initiative to create affordable access for those not previously exposed to the game has become a preeminent positive youth development organization.  Through the game of golf, The First Tee teaches young people life skills and character education, including its Nine Core Values Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits.  The First Tee is having a positive impact on participants, their families, and their communities. Click here to learn more about The First Tee or locate a chapter.

Since 1997, The First Tee has:
• Introduced golf and its values to more than 7.6 million participants
• Grown its network to offer the Life Skills Experience in more than 700 program locations in 50 states and six international locations
• Introduced the National School Program to students through physical education classes in more than 5,300 elementary schools
• Increased diversity in golf
The First Tee reaches young people in three ways: its chapter network, the National School Program and at military installations in the U.S. and overseas.
Campaign for 10 Million Young People

In July 2011, The First Tee Campaign for 10 Million Young People launched at the Nature Valley First Open at Pebble Beach. The Campaign is designed to raise $100 million to extend The First Tee’s programs to 10 million young people by 2017. The First Tee’s programs are part of the solution to some of the challenges young people face today, including preparing young people with skills needed for high school, college and life. The Campaign will help sustain The First Tee network while allowing opportunity for enhanced and future programs. To learn more, visit  

An independent, four-year, longitudinal research study confirmed The First Tee’s ability to successfully teach life skills and The First Tee Nine Core Values™ to youth participating in the Life Skills Experience, the educational curriculum delivered at all chapters. The study confirms young people learn and exhibit these life skills on the golf course, as well as in school, at home and other settings.

Highlights of the research study include:

• 73% of The First Tee participants were retained from year one to year four of the research. This retention rate is impressive given the average dropout rate per year is about 50% in other youth organizations.
• Youth credited The First Tee for their ability to transfer many of the life skills they learned in golf to school and other areas of their lives. For example: managing emotions, setting goals and resolving conflicts were life skills they consistently transferred.  
• 57% of youth surveyed across three years credited The First Tee for their meeting and greetings skills, and 52% credited the program for their ability to appreciate diversity.
• During personal interviews, 78% of interviewees described their ability to transfer life skills through specific examples and stories.
• In all four years, school was unanimously identified as a setting in which participants transferred life skills. Job/college, friends and out-of-school activities also showed an increase in life skills transfer.
• After three consecutive years of participation in The First Tee, 73% reported high confidence in their ability to do well academically and 82% felt confident in their social skills with peers.
As it relates to golf, The First Tee youth surveyed reported above average confidence (2.9 on a 4 point scale) in their golf skills after participating in the program for three years. In fact, approximately half of all participants surveyed reported high confidence in their golfing ability.

The “2005-2008 Longitudinal Effects of The First Tee Life Skills Programs on Positive Youth Development” study was led by University of Minnesota’s Maureen R. Weiss, Ph.D. Summary reports of the research are available upon request through The First Tee’s website.

Donations to The First Tee
how The First Tee is impacting participants and their parents, as well as coaches and teachers involved in the program.  Donations to The First Tee support the work of our chapters, bring The First Tee programming to elementary schools, facilitate the development and enhancement of curricula, provide scholarships to The First Tee academies and educate and train the adults involved with the program. Maintaining the quality of the experience that each young person receives is a top priority for The First Tee.
The First Tee, a division of World Golf Foundation, an organization recognized as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Contributions are tax deductible within the limits of the law. Please consult your attorney or tax advisor for details.

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