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A Song Adds to the Possibilities

Darius Rucker (left) with Jim Furyk and his wife, Tabitha.
(Getty Images)

November 8, 2010

By Laury Livsey, PGA TOUR Staff

The songwriter sat down in the TV room of his Charleston, S.C., home and began writing. He looked at the words he had scribbled in front of him—“Together, Anything is Possible” and began rat-a-tat-tatting lyrics onto his keyboard. He looked at a blank screen one minute, and before long the words began taking shape.

He estimates his project took him two hours. He quickly amends that figure, allowing that perhaps he was even a little more efficient.

“An hour and a half, maybe,” he decides, “start to finish.”

When he was done, satisfied with his creation, he says he pushed away from the computer and used the memo application on his iPhone, sent the lyrics to his management team, they liked what they saw and a song was born.

“They were cool with it, so we cut it,” he says so nonchalantly you’d swear he was talking about putting together a grocery list.




Ever since he was a little boy, Darius Rucker heard the same lesson. “If you have a chance to give back,” family and teachers would tell him, “you give back.”

“That’s been instilled in me since I was young,” says the former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman who’s now making his mark on the country music scene.

Several months ago, the PGA TOUR approached Rucker with a proposal: Would he write and perform a song centered around the TOUR’s “Together, anything’s possible” theme? Rucker pondered the request, gave it some deep thought for about three seconds and agreed. “Let’s get started,” he said. “When do you need it?”

He then did the unexpected. Rucker not only agreed to write the song, but he waived his writing and royalty fees. He promised that once “Together, Anything is Possible” was recorded and ready for release, 100 percent of the proceeds of song sales through downloads would go to PGA TOUR Charities, Inc.

“I’ve been watching the PGA TOUR for 30 years. It was huge for me, and when they asked me to do a song, I was like, Yeah, let me go do that right now,” says Rucker, a golfer of some skill himself. “I love golf, I love the PGA TOUR, and to have anything to do with them, especially something like writing a song, is amazing to me. I was blown away.”

He was blown away?

Let’s just say Rucker’s generosity stunned TOUR officials.

“The one thing about this song is he was excited about this and this opportunity,” says Scott McGhee of McGhee Entertainment, the management group that represents Rucker. “It’s who he is. He’s not a guy who had great success who left the roots of who he is, what he stood for and where he came from.”

Every spring, that point is brought home. Since 1995, Rucker has hosted Monday After the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am, a charity golf tournament that is held as the name of the tournament suggests. Numerous PGA TOUR players have participated through the years, and the event has raised millions for charity.

Already motivated by his own charitable pursuits, Rucker began thinking about the song that would be an anthem telling the PGA TOUR’s charitable story. The project became a huge priority for Rucker. In the first week of January, the song will hit the airwaves and become available for download. Rucker, among many interested observers, is excited to see how it is received.

Until then, he waits. Looking relaxed in jeans, a golf hat, a T-shirt and a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots, Rucker is backstage about two hours before a performance in St. Augustine, Fla.

“You write a song, the PGA TOUR uses it and I know all the money being made from the song is going to help people,” he says. “I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. That’s a no-brainer for me. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Easton Corbin, owner of two No. 1 country hits, “Roll with It” and “A Little More Country Than That,” who is touring with Rucker, appreciates what Rucker has done and what the song represents.

“The greatest thing about what he does is the opportunity to give back. That’s obviously one of the most important things to be able to do, whether it’s going to be artistically or monetarily,” he said.

Or, in Rucker’s case, both.

“Darius is very grounded, he’s very realistic,” adds McGhee. “He loves what he does. He loves to write songs. I don’t know what sets him apart. I know that’s the guy he is, and I know that’s why people really love what he’s about.”

Rucker finishes an interview with a camera crew, the last thing he has to do before it’s time to get ready for his show. He slowly rises and walks off with his son and a bodyguard with Popeye biceps. Rucker is smiling as he heads to his dressing room. The standing-room only crowd, which includes FedExCup champion Jim Furyk and his wife, Tabitha, is an early arriving one, and those with tickets are just settling in for what they expect to be a great night of Darius Rucker music.

The anticipation is palpable, the possibilities endless.


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