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Kate and Justin Rose Foundation offers support to 1,600 needy children in Orlando

From left: Justin and Kate Rose, Sean Foley and Henrik Stenson

October 1, 2013

By Doug Milne, PGA TOUR Staff

ORLANDO- It’s one thing for kids to dread going to school. It’s another thing altogether for them to dread leaving it. Living for the weekend is in many cases a motto supplanted by a mantra of living through it.

For many children these days, school is the source for their only luxury; routine. It’s all they have. It’s all they can count on. They’ve got books from which to read and learn. They’ve got food to eat. Outside those Monday-Friday walls, however, food and books are rare commodities, often left to chance or luck. And many times, neither pans out.

On Monday in their adopted hometown of Orlando, five-time PGA TOUR champion Justin Rose and wife Kate continued with their mission of seeing that as many children as possible in their community don’t start a weekend without the prospect of hope, or at least something to eat over the weekend.

For the second consecutive year, the Roses’ held a charity golf event at Lake Nona Golf and Country Club, where 100% of funds raised went directly towards 1,600 Orlando kids in need. Joining the reigning U.S. Open champion from the PGA TOUR ranks this year was 2013 FedExCup winner Henrik Stenson.

Twenty-five foursomes made for an event which raised more than $125,000.

“It was such a terrific turnout,” Kate said. “We feel so blessed to have such a supportive community. Part of the reason Justin and I are so compelled to give back to the local community is because of how well they have accepted and supported us through the last 10 years.” 

While the golf event is annual, the duo are active every weekend via the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation, providing those in need with food, books and other nurturing experiences.    

“Justin and I are passionate about trying to ensure that our local Orlando children are able to have access to adequate nutrition over the weekends,” said Kate. “Having young children ourselves, the link between good nutrition and ability to learn and perform could not be clearer.”

The official 2013 PGA TOUR season has drawn to a close. With seven top-10 finishes in 17 starts, highlighted by a major championship crown, one would imagine it’s time for Justin to relish in the comfort of home. He does. And part of doing so is seeing that as many others do the same in their homes.

“Once again, the generosity of our community amazed me,” said Justin of Monday’s outing. “A lot of money was raised which will help us continue the commitment we have made to the 1,600 students and five schools in the Orange County Public School system.”

Based upon the growing strain it seemingly took to carry, a young Orlando student’s back pack was getting heavier and heavier with each passing week. Eventually, the teacher approached the student with a suggestion of helping him sort through the bag’s contents. One by one, upwards of 20 books were pulled out. Homeless, the child didn’t want to lose his books – his only possession. The books came from a program supported by the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation, whereby students pick two to three books per month for themselves. That collection comprised all the child owned.

As told by the teacher herself, the story struck Kate as both heart-breaking and resolve strengthening.

“Inspiring children from the inside out” is the ultimate goal of the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation. Without a heavy load on the back or in the heart, the emptiness can disappear and hope can be restored. There can be things to reach for and not just fleeting moments to try and hold on to.

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