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Q&A: PGA TOUR Wives share what they are most thankful for this season

PGA TOUR Wives Association members at the 25th anniversary celebration in Los Angeles on February 11 (from left) DeAnna Pettersson, Stacy Hoffman, Amy Wilson, Meagan Laird and Kelly Bettencourt.
(Photo by Chris Condon/PGA TOUR)

November 28, 2013

By Staff

PGATOUR.COM has asked members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association some questions in the spirit of the holidays -- and their answers will run on the website over the next five weeks. Here is one of the two Thanksgiving-themed Q&As. What are you most thankful for -- and why? And as far as giving, what is your favorite charity and why?

AMY WILSON: I am most thankful for my family. Not only has God blessed me with a wonderful childhood family, but he has blessed me with Mark's family, and now our boys. Picking a favorite charity would be like picking a favorite kid.  I don't think I could say I have a favorite -- but I do know that no act of kindness is too small. Mark and I stick with the causes that weigh on our hearts and let God lead us.

ERIN WALKER: I am so thankful for happy and healthy children. Our first son had a rough start in life, and everyday I realize how lucky we are to have two wonderful boys.

MEGAN GORE: I'm thankful for our family's health and the peace and togetherness that surrounds Thanksgiving. 

JENNIFER STALLINGS: I am most thankful for my family. We had our first child this year and I've absolutely loved watching Scott be a dad. Hands down. I'm most thankful for my family. Our favorite charity is College Golf Fellowship. The ministry works with college golfers around the country. We actually have a retreat coming up at our house where 60 college guys will spend three days with us. They sleep anywhere they can find. The staff also serve as our chaplain on Tour.  

KATE ROSE: We are most thankful for healthy and loving families. Both Justin and I lost a parent to cancer when we were young and as much as we miss them terribly and are especially sad that our children will never know them physically, we are grateful for the parents we do have left who we adore. We have our own charity, imaginatively titled the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation, and we are both passionate about feeding and providing books for our 1,600 local Orlando children.

AMANDA BYRD: Our family and having an off season to enjoy them :)

DEANNA PETTERSSON: I am most thankful for my family.  I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband, kids, and family on both my side and his.  It’s something often taken for granted, but, a family who truly loves each other and each other’s company can be hard to find. It’s hard to pick just one (charity) when you see the impact that giving makes on any charity you choose. I am particulary fond of charities like Habitat for Humanity which really try to give a “hand up in life, not just a hand out." I think doing things that enable a better future not just a better moment are really important.

ALLISON BROWN: I am most thankful for my family... they are always supportive through the ups and downs craziness of our life! My favorite charities are local. I volunteer with The Valley Empty Stocking Fund which provides Christmas assistance to needy families for over 28 years in the Midland Valley area. When I was in high school in 2006, I led our student body to raise $10,000 for this organization. The other favorite is The Children's Place, in Aiken, S.C. Scott and I both have a special place for needy kids in our hearts. 

HEATHER CRANE: I am most thankful for our family -- for a husband that loves Jesus and loves our family -- for three healthy, happy kids. For all our family & friends --at the end of the day, relationships are what really matters. We love several charities we support -- so many great missions and leaders who give their lives to make a difference in powerful ways. We love groups that help share the love of Jesus with others, relief agencies, groups who target at risk kids, exploited women & children. Through Ben's involvement in the TOUR, we have had the privilege of meeting so many incredible organizations -- we love how much the TOUR supports charity and gives us the opportunity to engage and come alongside with our own support as well.

COURTNEY STREELMAN: I am most thankful for my husband, family, the baby in my belly, and friends.  We are so blessed, but mostly with great people who we love. I love giving to charities that assist with animals -- adoption, rescue, medical needs, pets, name it. Kevin loves giving to faith-based initiatives. 

DOWD SIMPSON: Knowing Jesus. Everything is in perspective because of Him. (Among the charities we support is) Neet's Sweets Market Your Mind Not Your Body: an organization dedicated to helping girls escape the sex trade trafficking industry in Charlotte, North Carolina and around the country. 

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