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Magee to raise funds, create awareness for Semper Fi Fund

March 21, 2013

By Phil Stambaugh, PGA TOUR Staff

E pluribus unum, pro bono, carpe diem, mea culpa, sic semper tyrannis are all phrases that are part of the American culture but not native to the English language. Unless a person has been taught what the phrases mean separately from an English education, they would have no idea. There is another Latin term, semper fidelis, shortened to semper fi, that perhaps means more to those who use it than just about any other Latin phrase in use today.

Semper fidelis is Latin for “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal” and is well known in the United States as the motto of the United States Marine Corps. The term has also served as a slogan for many families and entities, and this year, like so many of his fellow members on the PGA TOUR, Andrew Magee is going the extra mile with a different twist, hoping to help those connected to the military who have given so much in the name of freedom.

Magee originally got involved in the project through the suggestion of Bob Parsons, a former Marine who is the founder of and a fellow member at Magee’s home course in Scottsdale, Ariz., Whisper Rock Golf Club. Parsons, who contributes to the Semper Fi Fund through the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation, persuaded the four-time PGA TOUR winner to display the Semper Fi Fund logo on his hat, shirt and bag at 2013 Champions Tour events. In return, Parsons has agreed to match Magee’s total Champions Tour earnings for the year in the form of an additional donation.

“I’m really excited about this endeavor. My friend Bob Parsons brought this up over the winter at the club, and I wanted to join him in creating some awareness for this particular fund. We’ve seen the Wounded Warrior project and all of the good things that organization has done, but I think this is the first time people will see the Semper Fi Fund logo at our Champions Tour events,” Magee said.

The Semper Fi Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit set up to provide immediate financial support for injured and critically ill members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. The fund directs needed resources to post 9/11 service members with 24 to 72 hours of request. The Semper Fi Fund also provides relief for financial needs that arise during hospitalization and recovery as well as assistance for those with perpetuating needs.

“It’s really cool because the Semper Fi Fund immediately affects families. There’s very little red tape involved with this organization, and the beauty of it is they get help to those in need quickly. That’s a wonderful thing,” Magee said.

Sacrifice is not a word to be taken lightly with American heroes, and the Semper Fi Fund’s mission is to deliver the best care and support available in an hour of need.  Since it was established in 2004, the organizationhas issued more than 50,000 grants totaling more than $69 million to over 8,600 members of the Armed Services and their families.

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