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A Note of Thanks

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September 17, 2010

By The Washburn Family

Editor’s Note: The family of Ethan Washburn, a St. Jude Hospital patient, wrote the following note about their experience with 2010 St. Jude Classic presented by Smith & Nephew champion Lee Westwood.

Long story short, the St. Jude Classic this year took on a whole new meaning to us this year with Ethan’s diagnosis. One thing that we have not talked about much is that the tournament was near the time of Cooper and Ethan’s birthday (twins). Due to Ethan’s diagnosis, he and Cooper were not able to have our usual party this year, which was terribly sad for Missy and me. Cooper and Ethan’s ability to be at the golf tournament during that time was a great help in getting through that birthday. Another plus was getting to meet, among others, Lee Westwood. Luckily, Ethan was paired with Lee to caddie for him during the pro-am and we were very impressed with the time and attention Ethan was given.

Further, on Sunday after winning the tournament, instead of going inside to get some much needed shade and cool air, Lee chose to sit on a plain folding chair with the St. Jude kids there for the trophy presentation. To top it off, he gave Ethan the golf ball he used to win the tournament. I do not know if that was because he remembered Ethan or it was just coincidental, but, regardless, it brought a huge smile to Ethan’s face, which seems to mean a little more these days. While these things may seem trivial to most, and perhaps even to us prior to Ethan’s diagnosis, we just wanted to be sure that Lee Westwood understood what his kindness meant to Ethan and his family.

While Lee Westwood stood out to us, that is not to say that the other players at the tournament were not as giving with their time. From the putt-around at the hospital to the endless autographs, the players did a lot that day during that tournament for a lot of people just like us and for that we are grateful. I can honestly say there was not one player interaction that week that was anything less than pleasant. Thanks for all that the PGA TOUR and its players do during the course of its season to stop and care for others—especially for the continued work that benefits St. Jude, Ethan and all of the kids and families that St. Jude heals on a daily basis.

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