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Blayne Barber launches GoFundMe page in support of caddie

After collapsing and hitting his head in downtown Waikiki, Cory Gilmer was rushed to the hospital with swelling around the brain and remains in intensive care.
(Gregory Shamus/ Getty Images)

January 23, 2018


PGA TOUR pro Blayne Barber has launched a GoFundMe page for his caddie, Cory Gilmer, in hopes of defraying some of the costs associated with Gilmer’s recent health issues.

Gilmer, who has been on Barber’s bag for three years, was with some fellow caddies in Waikiki during the week of the Sony Open in Hawaii when he suddenly collapsed and fell off a chair, hitting his head on the ground.

He was rushed to the hospital with swelling around the brain and has been mostly unconscious since that time. Gilmer is still being treated in Hawaii.  His family created a Caring Bridge Journal to provide updates on his progress.

"We are in the process of finding out what Cory’s insurance situation is, but we know the costs are going to be astronomical either way, so we want to raise as much money as we possibly can,” Barber said. “Our goal is simply to alleviate the burden as much as possible."

Barber said many people have asked how they can help, and so the GoFundMe page was created. Barber and three of Gilmer’s closest friends are the only ones who have access to the account and will make sure the money goes to Gilmer’s family as needed.

"It has been really cool to see the support of the golf community and even people outside the golf community … many have reached out and shown support who don’t even know Cory,” Barber said. “It’s just incredible to me how much people truly care. Cory isn’t just a caddie -- he is someone who has relationships and it is has just been very special to me to watch everyone support him in this way."

If you would like to contribute to the GoFundCampaign for Cory Gilmer, please click here.  

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