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'Find Your Calling' brings local Boys & Girls Club chapter to the CareerBuilder Challenge

January 23, 2018

By Doug Milne, PGA TOUR Staff

On Sunday night after Jon Rahm left the CareerBuilder Challenge media center following his winner’s interview, there was mountains of work to be done by countless individuals. Stories had to be written and filed, pictures and video to be uploaded and sent. The breakdown of the media center required everything from electricians to computer technicians, carpenters, cooks and security officers.

It took dozens of people to put up and take down a media center that was home for a week to hundreds who worked inside it.

A lot of people were working a lot of specialized jobs in and around that media center all week. It would be interesting to ask those people if, when they were kids, they had any idea that this is where they would be professionally today.

A day earlier, on Saturday morning of last week’s CareerBuilder Challenge, upwards of 80 kids posed for a group picture in the media center. The kids, all members of Coachella Valley Boys and Girls Clubs, had just one thing in mind at that moment – look good for the photo.

Chances are, none of them had given much thought to where they would be in 10 years. Understandable. After all, they’re kids. How they look in pictures will, of course, always matter. But, before long, where and how they go in and through life will also be a motivating factor.

Getting from point A to B is seemingly the straight-line direction which transcends across every movement in one’s life. But, in this day and age, how realistic are straight lines when it comes to wants and needs?

In the professional world, there was a time when the standard direction was to grow up, go to college, take a job and carve out a lucrative career from that job. A straight line.

Sometimes, that works out. Sometimes. CareerBuilder has its finger firmly on the pulse of the working world and understands how the job market has grown and changed over the years. As such, their primary objective is to simply help individuals find the right place to be in that working world.

Now in its third year as the title sponsor of the historic PGA TOUR stop, CareerBuilder prides itself as an information and data company as it pertains to all things job-related. The company’s driving force is to be able to help people make more informed decisions about a career path. A great place to start, they believe, is with youth.

Created by Rob Sentz of Emsi, which is a group of labor market advisors to leaders in higher education, business, and community development, including CareerBuilder, “Find Your Calling” is a program and free website which provides job market information to kids in high school and even younger. Among the organizations that have drawn the attention of CareerBuilder and the “Find Your Calling” initiative are the Coachella Valley Boys & Girls Clubs.

To help move that plan along, in 2018, CareerBuilder and the Desert Classic Charities offered 500 scholarships to the Coachella Valley Boys & Girls Clubs

“The goal with these scholarships is to help curb some of the expenses to parents to send kids to the Boys & Girls Club,” said Andrea Madrigal, CEO of the Palm Springs Boys and Girls Clubs. “All of our clubs, local clubs, keep costs extremely low for kids to attend, but we have to charge for things like transportation. So, this will help curb some of the costs to allow more kids to attend the club.” 

Each of the area Clubs received $2,500 in scholarship funds to divvy up to kids and their families who may not otherwise have means to join the Clubs.

With ‘Find Your Calling,’ CareerBuilder has partnered with the students at the Boys & Girls Clubs to teach them about using the software. The free program allows them to search for potential, down-the-road jobs based on their interests, my hobbies and passions. The program lays out a myriad of avenues for the kids to consider travelling when the time comes to seek work. 

“We started a few years back introducing some of the technology that CareerBuilder has in the clubs to help them learn about what types of careers might be available for them, said Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “Think beyond just your own backyard. And, what we learned was it's hard for the kids going to the clubs to use that. So, we had to take a few steps backward and what we decided to do this year is fund scholarships for 500 students. That's going to be split up amongst four clubs that are represented here today at the event. It can cover the annual membership fee for a year for students. It's going to give them a lot of learning opportunities, snacks, foods, skills and they will use our technology as well, so we're excited about it.”

“Find Your Calling” is a technology platform, which presents individuals with a series of easy questions to go through. The main objective is to figure out what personal passions, hobbies, skills and/or interests one has. That then translate into what types of jobs or career fields one might be fit for. The program exposes kids to things they never thought previously possible. It gets them thinking beyond just what they expect. According to Haefner, among the best indications of the program’s success is that it's driving a lot of conversation with the kids. 

“If you look at the ‘Find Your Calling’ tool, the goal of this is not just to ask what four‑year degree you need,” said Haefner. “It does really talk about what's happening on a macro level. It doesn't mean you have to go to a two‑year or four‑year university. In some cases for kids, it's just not the right time. So, one of the sort of the starting points for this tool was just the fact that there are people that are attending school because they think they have to and they're leaving with all sorts of debt and then they just feel misguided. Yeah, you went and you have a piece of paper saying you went, but are you feeling better, whatever your goals may be? And, so that's really the kind of the nugget of truth we started with as we built it. And, so the findings when you go through ‘Find Your Calling’ are not necessarily just, here's the school and what the job would be. There are a lot of paths you can take to get to an end result. It's not just a straight line I think is kind of what you probably find.” 

“I found out about it through the Boys & Girls Club,” said 17-year-old Coachella Valley high school student Julil Jaimes. “It really helped define what our paths are going to be once we start going on after high school. I definitely had an idea going into it, but there were other options that were shown to me. And so it's kind of ‑‑ the helpful thing about it is it's given me choices and not like just one path.”

“A lot of times they don't know what to do, it's overwhelming, and the pressure that's put on them is put on earlier and earlier in their life,” said Haefner. “With the data and analytics within our organization at CareerBuilder, we can try and match that together, give them a view into making the right choices earlier in their lives so, hopefully, they come out with a good education and a good job and a lot less debt.”

And, who knows, in 10 years’ time, one or more of those kids posing for that picture last Saturday may be that computer technician, electrician or writer. They may also be the newest PGA TOUR champion.

To learn more about CareerBuilder’s “Find Your Calling” program, logo on to   



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